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Have an app that gives you daily reminders and progress reports

the entire content is on an app and the resources as well. You would be required to fill out all the exercises with smart goals. This then would enable the software to track the achievements by being time bound. For instance lose 2 lb in a week. The reminder pops up to check free success rate, if not successful the time line realigns till you achieve each goal. This way even if a person is busy/unavailable this would be something that constantly feeds reminders. It could also start with the picture of the dreams to focus on the same. This way it is an integrated app with real time functionality. 

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  • Aug 3 2017
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    Zander Woodford-Smith commented
    August 05, 2017 19:51

    I think this feels quite close to what we have planned for the main Stryv app we are finally making great progress on with our new CTO.